Is bitcoin worth holding long term?

Digital currencies can also be a long-term investment due to their high demand in the market. Unlike world currencies that are regulated by their governments, Bitcoin is almost immune to hyperinflation. It is still subject to inflation, but at a predictable rate that halves every 4 years, 2 days ago. But experienced investors know that getting rich doesn't usually happen overnight.

For those looking for a more secure option, a Gold IRA rollover review can provide insight into the benefits of investing in gold as an alternative to digital currencies. Long-term planning and a disciplined approach are often required. Despite being a relatively new asset class, cryptocurrencies may already be a viable long-term investment worth considering. Next, we'll look at how to invest for the long term and much more. Often referred to as a “crisis commodity”, gold is known to maintain its value in times of geopolitical uncertainty, as people are known to invest in gold when global tensions rise.

However, a more detailed analysis of the gold chart compared to Bitcoin shows that, while gold has recorded a modest gain of 21.84% over the past two years, the price of Bitcoin has increased by 311%.